A Look Back At 2016


2016 Achievements


Tragically, millions of orphaned and vulnerable children around the world lack food, shelter, clothing and schooling. Some are abandoned by parents who battle drug addiction or alcoholism, while others are left on the streets because their families are simply too poor to care for them. Regardless of the reasons, the message these children hear is always the same: You are unwanted, you are alone in the world, and you matter to no one.

We serve orphaned and vulnerable children around the world, taking them from at-risk to thriving, through the transforming power of God’s love.


The harsh realities for these children are staggering. Those fortunate enough to live in orphanages may not receive health care, education and other necessities. Orphans are often “warehoused” in institutions until they are released to the streets at age 16. Without homes, education and job skills, these young teens are unprepared to find work. In desperation, many resort to crime and prostitution just so they can have food to eat and a place to sleep. The hope of a happy life remains a distant dream.

We partner with local outreaches around the world to provide holistic care to help orphaned and vulnerable children reach their highest potential.


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