June 23, 2017
In the early 1990’s the west was horrifically made aware of the dire conditions chidlren faced in Romanian instittions. The term, ‘the dying rooms’ was coined, as it reflected the desperate state of the orphanages, and all too often the fate of the children living inside of them. It’s been nearly 30 years since these institutions were exposed and, thankfully through time and reform, the child welfare situation in Romania has made great progress. For nearly a decade Orphan’s Promise has been been privledged to partner with Romanian Christian Enterprises (RCE), an organizaiton who strives to...Read more
June 03, 2017
Vrezh is just 8 years old. He lives in very difficult conditions with his family in northern Armenia. Due to the difficult economic situation in Armenia, his parents have struggled to find work and his mother struggles with health issues. Vrezh is one of 5 kids, so the idea of having anything ‘extra’ in life, has never crossed his mind. Last year Vrezh learned about an after school program, sponsored by Orphan's Promise, through some of his school friends. He found out that his friends were getting a chance to study English and computers, and even learning how to play ping pong. He knew these...Read more
May 03, 2017
LEBANON by Orphan's Promise on ExposureRead more
April 17, 2017
Sonia lived a happy life with her husband and their four children. When she learned she was pregnant again, she was thrilled. But her joy quickly turned to sadness when her husband died of AIDS. "After he died, my son kept asking, 'Where's daddy? And I just couldn't tell him." After the funeral, Sonia and her children stayed with her husband's family. Forced to sleep outside with no mosquito nets, Sonia got malaria. "I felt like I was going to die, too. I thought, 'What will happen to my children?' They would have no father or mother. That thought kept me alive. Her husband's family forced...Read more
April 06, 2017
Hai knows hunger. He grew up without a father, and his mother struggled to support her four children. Hai remembers the family being evicted from their single room apartment for failure to pay rent. For a time, the children slept in the stairwell of a bank because they had nowhere else to go. The children would take turns staying up all night as a lookout to protect their siblings as they slept. Sleep was hard to come by in the cold, uncomfortable stairwell, and peace was a dream that didn't seem possible. During those days, Hai remembers walking the streets and smelling the wonderful food...Read more
March 28, 2017
HOPE FOR CABAGRA by Orphan's Promise on ExposureRead more
March 25, 2017
Vietnam by Orphan's Promise on ExposureRead more


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