The HOPE Project

Giving Voice to the Voiceless

Ryan Meadows produced "The HOPE Project,” a musical experience made possible by CBN’s Orphan’s Promise and some special children in the Ukraine.

The HOPE Album

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The HOPE album coverOrphan’s Promise is committed to bringing hope and a future to orphaned and vulnerable children around the world. The Hope Project recording returns to Ukraine where Orphan's Promise began and features the voices of the Roma children. These children were previously neglected and forgotten, but through Orphan’s Promise, their basic needs are being met and they have found hope in Jesus Christ for a brighter future. 

This album features the Roma children and sounds from Ukraine. Whether you live in a small village in Ukraine, within the vast diversity of the United States, or anyplace in between, we were all born to create and to be known. This is the collection of sounds we produced to express how beautiful the world can be when we come together as one.

By purchasing this album you will give the gift of music to these Ukrainian children.  All proceeds from the sale of this album goes towards supporting the music program in our Training Centers.  Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless. 


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