Where We Work

Where We Work

Orphan's Promise is reaching children in over 60 countries around the world

We are currently working in over 60 countries, partnering with established ministries already working on the ground and supporting their efforts to help orphaned and vulnerable children. The projects are many times connected to partner ministries, local churches, as well as CBN International. Working in this way stretches every dollar, ensures that projects are efficiently run and provides the stewardship necessary for proof of performance in the projects we support. Sometimes the need is simple - bedding and supplies for an orphanage, computers for learning centers, or fresh water for a village. Sometimes the needs are bigger - a residential building, a program to help transition sex slaves into a safe place, a complete training center for children who have aged out of their orphanage. Whatever the need may be, whether the program is a one-time effort or an ongoing one, we depend on the Lord’s leading and the oversight and wisdom of our team who are very familiar with working in developing nations to guide us.

Click on a country highlighted in the map below to learn more about our projects in that area.

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